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  1. On Ps4 and xbox one these grips are part of the controller. Nintendo truly is the nickel and dime hardware company. Joycon is the worst Controller I've held in my hand.

  2. I pushed this grip down the throats of everyone I know that owns a switch until my switch got scratched up and Satisfye support did nothing for me. As a matter of fact they literally told me they know it’s an issue and they’re working on a new grip (satisfye pro grip) to address the issues. Literally no help at all and my switch is scratched up because of it.

  3. I play almost exclusively in handheld mode and haven’t experienced any cramping or discomfort. My hands are pretty medium sized I would guess. I’m sure I could benefit from something like this, but I enjoy the switch for its simplicity and this is just one extra thing to keep track of. Just my opinion though. Im sure it’s great.

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