Jurassic World Evolution Review

To coincide with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the new king of Park Sims, Frontier Developments, take you on a journey to your own Jurassic …


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  1. I will be going to see Jurassic world fallen kingdom a lot during the summer & I can't wait to pick up my copy of Jurassic world evolution for my PS4. ?

  2. I like the concept of the game, but i am concerned about the animations for the dinos, heard they are not too much variety

  3. Not only is the game going to be infected with Denuvo, but on the Steam discussion board, mods are locking threads that "promote piracy" and even threads asking about mod support. The mods claim its because of them devolving into people attacking eachother. Thing is, one of the threads asking about mod support basically stated the truth. Why have mod support when the devs can release hundreds of dollars worth of DLC.

  4. Thanks man, now I am less worried. IGN called it boring, lame, repetitive and forgettable but it looks like you are quite happy with the game.

  5. Dude, most games of this genre have a speed up option. You sound like a twat not knowing that. How the hell am I to take you seriously? I can't.

  6. Gotta love how IGN shit on it but from what I have been reading most other outlets have been more objective and have enjoyed for the most part

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