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  1. Looks soviet built, ute version of the Lada. Musk is memeing us. As for tab freeze, its been a feature of android based phones for ever. Typical google, can't make; steal.

  2. FIY there is a addon for chrome called "the great suspender" it pauses tabs after some time. I've been using it for years.

  3. Oh man, I hate the fact that Amazon is doing the free tomorrow shipping thing. It's going to kill local businesses in my home town. I live in a small town where my neighbors may own businesses locally and this kind of thing has been a fear for a long time and might very well kill all of them in time. It makes me sad to think that I won't be able to go into a store locally in the future and talk to an actual human being and get what I need while being social and interactive all while supporting local businesses

  4. I’ve never played Fortnite, but I would take the bet that Season 11 will never be released. Seems to me Chapter 1 ran Seasons 1-10, so Chapter 2 should start over at Season 1. I’d love to take the idiots money on a typo calling it Season 11.

  5. Please destroy Fortnite…
    That game teaches kids to dance like they have some mental disorder making them a big target for my carbine or another terrorist

  6. I feel really bad, bc I love how you talk about the topic in the title first. The problem is that I always click away after that first story, which of course is why most people would put that story at the end. I’m ruining ur watch times and I feel bad.

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