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  1. This reviewer I guess figures themselves a game designer, coming up with technically impossible game modes featuring augmented reality and then being critical towards the game because it doesn't have them in it.

  2. BEING A REVIEWER AS A DAYJOB 101: Review games based off the game itself, not based off other similar games. IGN is such a joke sometimes, maybe it's time to hire some new blood that knows how to professionally review content from an unbiased perspective.

  3. so if i've never played one of these games would i get more enjoyment out of it seeing as how it wouldn't be the same old thing from my perspective?

  4. …so no new ideas is a bad thing now? put that on all your cod reviews. Not just that but it's a handheld game. they don't have a track record for giving your hours and hours of gameplay. Heck i'd be tempted to go  and replay the game several times to feel like a rampaging god.

  5. N64: Very slow and unbalanced
    GameCube: Fast, got a lot of balancing but not perfect
    Wii: Very balanced (mostly) but these little slow-downs when you hit someone is fucking ass … You WOULD dodge the attack, but you don't because the one who attacks was hitting the other two players two…and thank to that little slow-down-shit you get hit too…

    But I say too: PS All-Stars really is shitty… we played it with 8 or 9 people – after 5 matches nobody wanted to play anymore – wasn't funny at all

  6. I actually own All-Stars and trust me it's NOTHING like SSB (well just a little) and I don't really like All-Stars all that much, but I do play it from time to time.

  7. You obviously haven't played the game. All-Stars is almost nothing like Smash Brothers, it just shares the overall aesthetic of a 2-D mascot fighting game. If you believe that All-Stars is a "Rip-Off" then your coveted Smash Bros. is a rip-off of The Outfoxies. The only reason that you say it's a rip-off is because there are so little games in that genre. By your logic CoD ripped off Battlefield, which ripped off Medal of Honour, Halo ripped off Doom, and Smash and Street Fighter. Warped logic!

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