BITCOIN Breaks DOWN! Yet Institutions Invest $250M+? Is This a SETUP?

Bitcoin is going down, yet Institutional Investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum, has never been so high! Over $250 million was invested by institutional players, in quarter 3 alone. Grayscale released their Quarter 3 report, and institutional appetite for Bitcoin explodes! But, their appetite for Ethereum is growing too. Are both $BTC and $ETH being manipulated down, for an explosion in the future? Tune in to find out!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:46 Tyler Analysis (TA) of The Bitcoin Price-The Bearish Scenario
02:02 Institutional Investment Into Crypto Explodes In Quarter 3 2019
02:51 What Cryptos Are The Institutions Investing In?
03:42 Ethereum Is Getting Institutional Love
04:12 Who Are The Institutional Investors?
04:54 Bitsonar Sponsored Segment
07:32 Ethereum Big Enterprise Look. Ethereum Is a Commodity!
08:52 2019 Is Ethereum’s Year-Infastructure, Utility & More
09:28 Dai and Decentralized Stablecoins Get the OK From the FED
12:25 Outro

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  8. Really nice! Someone rocked the $h!+ Out of the production value on that one. Can't wait for the bull-run so Tyler can rock a leisure suit and crank the channel into the TYT status of crypto: more field research, more investigation, etc.[like a 'supportive' analytical deep-dive into DGB].

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