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  1. See EA. I won’t preorder your games, I wait until I see if it’s good or not. Now you have my purchase. But it’s because you let Respawn do what they’re best at and ended up making a solid game it seems. Wasn’t excited for this game, but now I’m pumped. Downloading now!

    Let Respawn make Titanfall 3!

  2. Ea for now on keep letting ur devs take time us Star Wars fans don’t want it rushed trust me we will spend hella on ur GOOD games this goes for battlefront as well u can improve on it still don’t give up on Star Wars titles good job on this game ???

  3. It ok.. I wouldn't say good, but better than more recent ones. As you go through it feels very in "oh look to get through the first part I need slow time which I just happen to have" and I like a story and all but jeez unskippable cut scenes are half the game.

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