Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction by the end of 2020 and 2021

bitcoin is finally breakout from the long lasting down trend channel. Could this be a new begging in bitcoins price? I will address this question in this video Also we will look at the realistic bitcoin price prediction by the end of 2020 and beyond.

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➤ Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in 2020.

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  1. Dollar cost Averaging reduces volatility risk.
    If trading, buying falling knives is a BAD idea as you don't know the bottom.
    If trading you should watch for major momentum swings (weekly/monthly).
    Even if trading (which I highly advise against) you would at best match a DCA portfolio as you are buying at a higher price.
    Trading bitcoin is like picking up pennies in front of a train. Sure you'll get a few extra, but sooner or later you will mis-time the market and sell at the wrong time.

    Time in the Market is BETTER than timing the Market ?

  2. The biggest FUD argument BTC enthusiasts spew about XRP price rising to even $100 is "there isn't enough money in the world to support that market cap". And it turns out you guys are spitting dumb shit like this. BTC won't hit $200k. The only reason it even hit $20k was because of mainstream news, hype, and an artificially forced inflation.

  3. You traded like stocks but claim it's currency. we've seen what the market was willing to bear before it was over saturated with competing cryptocurrencies. The fact is it is a medium of exchange that will never have enough value of goods to push an individual Bitcoin past the 20,000 mark on its own marits. And by that I mean we would have to mine asteroids more than doubling our species material wealth. Necessitating and increase in availability of mediums of exchange. Look up the south sea bubble.

  4. After a strong uptrend that brought bitcoin from $6,800 to $8,450 in a matter of a few days, the cryptocurrency market has started to take a massive breather. Obviously, the correction is complete and the direction to go now is bullish so in essence, one needs to go along by accumulating more of the asset. Over the course of three months until now, I have discovered its more profitable trading than just buying and holding because I was able to trade from 2 btc to 7 in my first month thanks to Sebastian Wigman’s daily signals which I subscribed to and do not intend to stop using because of the level of accuracy they provide. I think he deserves accolades and I so much appreciate his services. He can be reached on WhatsAap (+31 97005034459) or Telrgram (@wigmans) for all crypto related inquiries

  5. great video and predictions but these predictions for 100k or 200k btc have been publicized for a while now from many "hodlers". I am in favor of BTC and especially altcoins as they are more modern in developments but i would like to know who will fuel these massive buy orders of billions for btc to even reach 50k? The only possible scenarios for BTC to reach 100k is either an enormous financial collapse or the greatest FOMO manipulation in human history. Not to mention that right now(as it has always been) its impossible for large capital to enter this market without skyrocketing the price, how the hell can a fund,bank or even a government buy 50 billion or 200 billion? That's why i called the "institutional" money scenario BS a long time ago but i genuinely want to know your thoughts.

  6. Bitcoin will not rally again. The mass already got in during 2017. Not all of them still trust it and have therefore sold. If it would have to moon that high again, so many people would have to buy that a big part of those who bought and sold in 2017, would have to buy again. And I don't see such a rally happen again because the amounts it requires and the people it requires… they will not all do that same thing again.

  7. *Part of the reason why I’m subscribed to Aimstone and watch his videos is because he’s usually very objective and honest about how he sees the economy, stocks, the crypto market etc. This video was absolutely disgraceful, just Aimstone propagating FOMO. Total false advertising. Bitcoin will NOT hit $100K by 2020 just like BTC never hit $10K in 2015 like so many were convinced based on a linear estimate. It’s logarithmic which Aimstone mentioned but Aimstone is underestimating this logarithmic curve. You’re incapable of thinking of outside the box that BTC will suddenly spike from $7K to $150K overnight or even in one year. No the next progression from $7K to $150K will happen over the course of several years, like 2028-2032. The 2017 spike won’t happen again just like $13 to $1200 rise in 2013 won’t happen again. Each progression gets smaller and over a longer period of time.

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  9. people are pretty fearful now that price will drop back to 3k but when you look at the charts long term you see whales have been stocking up on BTC, BCH, and BTV.. strange because they've been buying more moe BCH/BTV than ETH with fiat directly.

  10. I learned that years of experience in this industry has taught our host Ivan that the rewards for being proactive versus reactive are far more generous in this industry than any other out there today.

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