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  1. """"""Hey everybody point and laugh at at the spoiled brat""""" too many bosses in one game. Today this would be dlc today stop complaining dude you're the type of guy who wants a refund for free stuff aren't ya??? Disgusting

  2. this game is something special, best super hero game of all time, just superb atmosphere, story, gameplay, sound and level design, Arkham City is bliss

  3. There will never be another game like Arkham City. Everything this game does is flawless: from the combat, to the predator missions, the gadgets, the amount of fanservice, hell even the thug conversations are one of my favorite things in this game (DLC spoiler: the "Turkey Man" chat never fails to make me laugh).

    Bottom line, Arkham City is just PERFECT

  4. Arkham City is a 9.8/10. I love the game. My ONLY negatives with it is some of the dialogue is pretty corny and cheesy at times. And the Talia al ghul stuff was genuinely awful. I’m also not a fan of Talia. But other than that it’s an incredible game.

  5. Ok could someone help me out? Going through my backlog on PS4 and want to hit all the Arkham games I have. I have Arkham Asylum remastered, “Return to Arkham Arkham City,” and “Arkham Knight.” Is this Return to Arkham City the game I want to play or do I need to buy the bundle that has all three..basically buying them all again. Thanks.

  6. This game annoyed me because it was too empty in term of story content and graphical variation. Asylum was very themed pro quarter (medical, research, garden…) on top of an old island with its own history. The story was rock solid, easy to immerse and it felt like a batman movie. In City, it's like a super smash bros in a gta 3 map but themed with batman's universe. They tried to stuff everything they could think of, put all villain characters from the series, and make for each a small lair composed of a bunch of levels for him. But story-wise, it's totally disconnected. You just go from on character to another, a bit like those very old platform games where you visit the jungle, the desert, the sea, the volcano and the moon, which are more themes for a game level than a part of a story. And that's exactly my critic against City. The story is just an excuse. Sure the ending with Joker was nice, but all other characters were removable, optional, useless to the story. And that's definitely less the case in Asylum, aside from the Riddler who could be totally ignored and whose only interest was only to gain more xp for upgrades.

  7. This was the best time to be a Batman fan. The Dark Knight trilogy was a masterpiece for all Batman fans. And to top it off, the Arkham trilogy (Yes, trilogy) was just as much, if not more, of a masterpiece! Even the comics during this time were doing great things. The Hush series was great imo.

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