Bear Market Here! – CryptoCurrency Market Analysis – Crypto Market News

The bears have taken over the CryptoCurrency market, let’s analyze the crypto market and go over news.
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  1. I want to speak about Zilliqa) This is a very perspective coin! For a few years it can give 100, and even 1000 X-es! Buy some coins and just forget about them for 2 years! Or in case you have no money, you can receive some free of charge on few

  2. My turn around sign im looking for is just under 6000 bitcoin. If there is a strong return after that i believe we are in a wychoff event.


  3. Market cap movement for the next week? I think we'll head back up to a total market cap of $290 billion. Beyond that I don't know. But I think we'll see the year out heading back towards $450 billion.

  4. I don't know what to think anymore. I keep searching for the reality of this market only to find that task to be impossible. LX86xXK3bNGy1BeqioZcTZiu6vvVdmkyT6

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