8 Best Kia Cars Arriving in 2024: Premium and Technological Interiors at a Reasonable Price

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Best-looking, most technological and perfectly priced, who would have thought that such adjectives can be used to describe Kia of 2024. But here we are, their upcoming lineup is once again reinvigorating the industry and making American, Japanese and European rivals extremely anxious. Witness from the front row the future of Korean automaking: sleek lines, ground-breaking features, and a promise of an unforgettable driving experience!
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2024 Kia Sorento X Pro: kiamedia.com/us/en/media/pressreleases/21452/gallery

2024 Kia Sorento X Pro builds on the X-Line trim but goes for 17-inch wheels with BF Goodrich all-terrain tires. It also offers 4000 lbs of towing capacity.

2024 Kia EV9: kia.com/us/en/ev9

As a component of its electric vehicle transformation initiative, Kia is set to introduce 11 new EV models by 2026. Among the initial releases in this initiative is the three-row EV9 SUV, which shares the 800 Volt platform with the Hyundai Ionic 7. The EV9 will be available in four different configurations for buyers to choose from.

2025 Kia EV5: kianewscenter.com/news/global-news/all-electric-kia-ev5-eclipses-compact-suv-standards-for-design-and-comfort/s/f7e9b38c-893f-4967-ab93-f6e7a102bac2

We first glimpsed the concept that would later evolve into an electric counterpart to the Kia Sportage in 2023. However, the Chinese market has already embraced the production-ready EV5. The newcomer boasts a robust and square-shaped design, featuring slender daytime running lights (DRL) and stop lights.

2024 Kia Carnival: kia.com/kr/vehicles/carnival/features

Despite the fourth generation Carnival completing its global rollout in 2022, Kia is already gearing up to introduce an updated version for the domestic market. The 2025 van maintains its inclination towards SUV design and will adopt the “opposites united” design language.

2024 Kia Seltos

The 2024 Kia Seltos brings revised exterior styling, becomes even more technological, and adds a new adventure-ready X-Line trim.

2024 Kia Picanto: press.kia.com/eu/en/home/media-resouces/press-kits/products/2023/New-Kia-Picanto.html

2024 Kia Picanto goes through a redesign that brings EV9-inspired styling, a new trim ladder, and that familiar drivetrain lineup, that is promised to be more efficient.

2024 Kia K3: kianewscenter.com/News/bold-and-progressive-kia-k3-sets-new-standards-in-its-class/s/3cbf321e-4f39-4892-8a35-c22f650d73ac

2024 Kia K3 arrives with an exterior facelift. The updated model will be manufactured in Mexico, but Kia is yet to reveal the markets where it will be sold.

Kia EV3 and EV4

After introducing larger electric SUVs, Kia is now showcasing smaller and potentially more cost-effective vehicles that share the same unified E-GMP platform: the affordable Kia EV3 crossover and a futuristic sedan EV4.


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