10 Best Lightweight Aircrafts and Private Jets You Should See in 2017

Ever getting tired of driving to and from the airport and then flying in a packed cabin? Check out this list of futuristic personal lightweight aircrafts that might not ever require a landing strip and luxurious private jets for extreme comfort and speed of the flight.

Flying transport featured in this video:

Bell FCX-001: www.bellhelicopter.com/news/press-release/2017/3/bell-helicopter-vision-for-future

Icon A5: http://iconaircraft.com/

The Co50 Valkyrie: www.cobalt-aircraft.com/co50-valkyrie/

Valkyrie in flight: www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/video-top-secret-star-wars-like-valkyrie-first-flight-revealed

E-Fan 2.0: www.airbusgroup.com/int/en/corporate-social-responsibility/airbus-e-fan-the-future-of-electric-aircraft.html

FLYNANO: flynano.com/

SOLAR IMPULSE 2: www.solarimpulse.com/

Aerion AS2: www.aerionsupersonic.com/press-center/

XTI AIRCRAFT: www.xtiaircraft.com/home/

Vision Vtol: www.visionvtol.weebly.com/vision-vtol.html

Lilium Jet: https://lilium.com/


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  1. I hope electric crafts will have greater ranger soon. Right now it short. All of the air crafts should have ample luggage space for traveling and not just cummuting

  2. They need to make a personal flying vehicle that people can afford.with technology of graphene batteries technology and of mass production manufacturing the affordability should be possible.

  3. This guy just said that conventional engines pollute our planet with C02!! Carbon dioxide is produced naturally, it's what we breathe out, and it's what plants and trees need to survive.. take your left wing climate change bulls.h*t somewhere else moron!

  4. My money is on the Co50 Cobalt Valkyrie. It gives a spectacular view and much more economical than a light business jet, but gets you to your destination about as fast.

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  6. there's no way that the one called VTOL could sustain level flight with all edf's in the full horizontal thrust position… no wing, no vertical thrust equals plummet to the ground…

  7. The Lilium (#10) looks interesting, but I would be scared poopless to fly something that's propelled by what look like a bunch of computer cooling fans.

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