Bitcoin, US Dollar, And The Money Supply

Bitcoin, US Dollar, And The Money Supply

In this video we take a pragmatic look at the price of Bitcoin, the US Dollar Currency Index (DXY), and the Money Supply (M2). Taking all of these into account …


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About the Author: Benjamin Cowen


  1. Money supply fro Covid relief also led to more crypto investments….not just the inflation when comparing the 2. The he APril / May spike correlated directly with the Biden covid package.
    The cares act would have a similar and longer term effect. Would be good for Crypto prices

  2. Interesting that Jordan CTM doesn’t believe in diminishing returns, you and him are the smartest in the space in my humble opinion.

  3. did not realize the FED discontinued M1 and M2 reporting. That is insanely bullish for BTC and commodities in general. EDIT: I'm reading they still provide M1 and M2 data, but only in monthly increments.

  4. What will happen to BTC when the world economy crash as everybody talks about will happen soon? Will BTC crash hard or skyrocket?

  5. BTC crashes to $50k-ish in October, rallies to range of $75k-$100k during Nov or Dec… crashes back down to 70-80% during next 2-3 years.

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