GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition – Before You Buy [4K]

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition - Before You Buy [4K]

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, Nintendo Switch) is an updated version of the three classic open world games. How is this …


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  1. the short version: sometimes very pretty, some convenient updates, still fun, but feeling unfortunately rushed with some WEIRD issues and bugs.

  2. Why do people keep thinking that vice city was meant to look cartoony??? Who from rockstar ever said that honestly. Weirdest cope ever

  3. At this point, if they weren't going to do a remake, idk why they even bothered touching the trilogy. If they wanted to remaster anything, it should have been GTA IV

  4. They should charge half of what they are charging. Its still the same games and imagine being so incompetent that you cant even properly steal the mods…

  5. When I was kid, I played all the GTA games and San Andreas was definitely my favorite. It has so much love and care that translated long gameplay missions unlike GTA 5. The gang system and the music at that time frame is perfect. Would I get it, I dunno, still feel like they should have done more after this review. Might just save the money and wait for GTA 6… These remaster/remake should really take a look at the FF7 example. Square Enix did a very good job and bringing back the old but also adding new/updated features.

  6. For those of you really familiar with rockstar’s MO and gaming in general, will they fix most/all of these issues in a prompt manner?

    I love their games but usually end up getting them well after release, so I’m not familiar with how quickly they patch their games. When I got to GTA 5 and RDR 2, I rarely experienced a bug or glitch, but I’m sure that wasn’t the case on Day 1 of release.

  7. GTA5 on PS3. GTA5 on the PS4. GTA5 soon to be released yet again on the PS5. Fucking dog shit remasters of these primitive games to play in the mean time. What the fuck does R* take people for? Just put out the next game already why take everyone for fools? Oh right just remembered it’s 2021 and people are fools. Keep letting these vampires suck you dry.

  8. I will buy this game with a nice sale. Only for San Andreas. I will of course check out 3 and Vice but I don’t feel that nostalgic about those games. I was 12 when SA came out and I’ve must have put 200 hours in that awesome sandbox

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