HTC Vive Flow VR | Virtual Reality Glasses Face-On Review

HTC Vive Flow VR | Virtual Reality Glasses Face-On Review

The HTC Vive Flow is a new VR glasses headset that can stream content from your Android smartphone, supporting virtual reality experiences and games.


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  1. Hello,

    thank you for the presentation. One point I didn't understand is: Is it possible to watch content that I will create myself with a 360° camera with this VR glasses?

  2. I don't know where your accent is from but I really like it. Usually I don't really like more common British accent, and it could even be quite difficult to understand for me sometime, but yours is very pleasant to my ears. 😉👍

  3. I have an Oculus (since the go, quest V1 and then Quest V2). And if I can't play Death Unchained or Star Wars or Zombie land, then….why? Vive was the best maker of VR, it seemed to ignore the success of the Oculus, which I use 100% of the time. My Vive collects dust now. I was hoping the Vive Flow was gonna be an Oculus Quest killer….well, much like my blind dates, I was let down.

  4. I don't see any reason to own this instead of the quest 2. Maybe if the quest 2 is too big, and you just barely can't fit it in your bag. But other than that the quest 2 can do everything this can and so much more while still being a lot cheaper.

  5. literally everyone who is even slightly into vr can see how bad and pointless these look, a complete waist of time with no controllers, and yet Mr reviewer goes so easy on them? Is this a review or a paid ad?

  6. You know…. I'm getting..
    RATHER FUCKIN' SICK OF THIS SHITEYBOLLOCKS!!! Companies that can sell a product for $499 and £499, when TRUTH IS..
    (Today – 19th October 2021 – 10:00am) – $499 in £ (GBP) is -£361.75 !! WTF? I mean SERIOUSLY…. W. T. ACTUAL F. !?!?!?!

    HTC (and any other company) STOP doing this! IF you can sell a product as little as (with an expensive currency such as ours in UK) for as LITTLE as £361.75, then you CAN sell it to US in the UK for same price. HOWEVER, if you want to keep your income coming in, then set a retail value, and stick with that figure but THEN convert it to whichever currency….

    Robbing BASTARDS!!!! 😠😠😠😠

  7. i was sorta interested untill you told us about them "thanks" apart from being a target saying come and rob me ive good tec on me "while using out and about" they are a bit pants for the price bud theres better kit for a lot less money out there.

  8. Having the eye focusing is the key for me as a glasses wearer. Other brands not having even a basic (built in) adjustment offering is the reason I’ve never bought into VR. Well done HTC!

  9. These types of products convince me that I should be a company CEO or at the very least directing something. Talk about dead on arrival. What are theseVive guys thinking.

  10. I smartphone literally the one thing without usable buttons for VR, seems like a rushed decision by HTC once they realised that controllers wouldn’t work at that price point

  11. Is this some sort of joke by HTC ,
    This device is pointless ,
    No controllers
    Doesn’t work with iOS
    Got to carry a huge battery pack
    No thanks I’ll stick with my quest 2

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