Microsoft Surface Phone Concept – 3D Model Render

Microsoft Surface Windows Phone 8 3D Render. Word that Microsoft is working on an own-brand Windows Phone handset keeps resurfacing, with the latest …


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  1. I don't see the point of a kickstand for a phone. Neither the point of a mini keyboard. However the connector could be used for a flip cover/screen protector thingamajigs.

  2. Put there the new tegra 4 ARM processors and at least 64Gb of disk, 4Gb of RAM, micro SD card, HDMI out and micro USB host and it's a rock solid sales system.

    Surface Phone should then run Windows phone + Windows RT + Game console capable system.

    Windows RT in "docking mode wen connected via HDMI.
    Game console when connected via HDMI and using a Xbox game pad.

    In any case windows phone contacts… should be usable in windows RT mode alongside with making/receiving calls.

    Thats it 🙂

  3. I have the same concept of how a windows pone should be.

    Surface phone, running windows phone and Windows RT, when you connect it to a TV via HDMI it would be possible to run Windows RT and get some work done. The small keyboard would work also as a touchpad just by selecting it, so the all keyboard would become a touchpad. Most of the time it would be used as a touchpad and by key selection it would be a keyboard.

  4. That thing looks sharp at the edges, the phone will have to be really thick to support a USB 3.0 port and when the keyboard is connected there isn't a switch to landscape mode ._.

  5. ok here it is,

    1.Kick stand is nice
    2.Have a secondary touch screen display for bluetooth keyboard
    3.USB3.0 is really good, i love HDMI-Wifi
    4.Stylus input on secondary display would be more comfortable
    5.and for the above W8 RT is more suitable than WP8
    6.And Name it Windows Phone Communicator

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