Michael Saylor Talks Bitcoin With Tucker Carlson of Fox News – Nov 29th 2021

Michael Saylor Talks Bitcoin With Tucker Carlson of Fox News - Nov 29th 2021

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  1. The big breath sailor takes before answering the what is bitcoin question is priceless. He knows he has a lot of info to fit into a small amount of time. Lol

  2. The only issue I have with this crypto is what is preventing them from adding to the supply like FIAT money and look at where we are today? The physical gold holds the system to honesty IF you are allowed to AUDIT the holdings which they haven't since the 1960's!!! Read into TALLY STICKS and how this worked for over 700 years! When you look into the current money system there is no way in HELL they aren't doing this intentionally, you'd have to be an idiot and all you fools that believed this to be conspiracy do not know how to do research and are truly fools

  3. We already use digital currency… when we swipe our credit cards in a transaction, we’re transferring our digital money from one place to another. Most people just don’t conceptualize it that way.

  4. it's a fascinating thought hw investors pull through this in the investments space When stocks n coin at a time Inflate and deflate without notice, lol for me I would have had a cardiac arrest longtim!!!😂

  5. BTC is a great thing.
    It takes the government and powers to be out if the equation.
    Sovereign nations are getting and holding it like gold.
    Its super cheap compared to the dollar.

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