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  1. Your explanation tells us you don’t understand crypto. In the last phase of bitcoin 4 year cycle Altcoins just outperform bitcoin. That’s just how it is. No need for any reasoning

  2. because bitcoin is not gold.
    never was.

    bitcoin needs utility
    ethereum has utility

    bitcoin is mined using asic computers centralizing the bitcoins.
    people such as hedgefunds and those wealthy went in heavy into bitcoin.
    it is now centralized rather than decentalized.

    once you centralize stuff it becomes over priced and worthless as far as utility is concerned.
    this is the same as housing centralization of land and housing into the landlord class as a result middle class is destroyed.

    we need decentralized utility not just centralized tokens/crypto.

    Solano is cheap because it is centralized. hmm.
    ethereum needs to find a way to make their fees cheap.

    miners need to shut up and lower the gas fees.

  3. Talking about people paper handing crypto when you literally did the same thing a week or 2 ago when btc was at 58k lol bro get a grip of yourself

  4. Yeah, Kevin, just take a look at the ETH/BTC chart chap, when 0.077 broke we broke through resistance of a 6month wedge, next stop 0.1

  5. Last time my STX crypto pumped this hard bitcoin pumped right after. Let’s see if it’ll happen again! STACKS CRYPTO 🙌 FTW

  6. It's my opinion that Eth should be at least 50% of the value of bitcoin. There's so much more you can do with it not to mention the current burn rate. Also 2022 is going to be a big year for upgrades for ETH.. to da Moon

  7. so i was not the only one to notice this. just the other day, I realized I was wasting time and money trading other coins for months, where it is much better in ETH.

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