BITCOIN: Michael Saylor Orange Pills Tucker Carlson The Amazing FULL Interview – Nov 29th 2021

BITCOIN: Michael Saylor Orange Pills Tucker Carlson The Amazing FULL Interview - Nov 29th 2021 ⬅️⚡Lightning⚡or Fiat➡️ …


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  1. Michael just made me see a potential problem with bitcoin I never saw before. It's property that you can take to the grave, I.e. lost forever. So there's a limited supply, and if you take 5% of it to the grave with you and then that happens thousands of times over hundreds of years.. at some point you're going to run into problems. How do you know if an inactive account is a family trust or a dead rich guy? And does supply change? I mean technically that's removing supply, so increasing the value of what's remaining – but if no one knows the supply is less then is there any effect?


  2. The US ships their inflation to the rest of the world – that's where all their paper$'s are and one day soon they will be sent back and then it's hyper inflation for the USA and game over…. buy gold, silver and bitcoin. NOW!

  3. Excellent as always Michael, and Tucker, think on this, you just enabled life saving medical intervention for n children because their parents watched. N families got off the streets due to voluntary aid made possible by Michael’s message. N families celebrated their kids college graduation debt free due to Michael’s message. N less lives extinguished in ignoble wars due to Michael’s message. The potential benefits are infinite and therefore priceless. That’s not hyperbole, just a fact.

  4. Michael Saylor did a live video about a month ago with 2 or 3 other guys and the video disappeared when the stream was over. One guy asked for a Bitcoin 101 and Michael Saylor’s response was great. Does anyone know where I can find that video? I think it was audio only though. Thanks.

  5. honestly. find me another tv appearance in tucker's career where he barely said more than a few sentences. He either was completely lost OR impressed

  6. Good. So many people who follow Tucker's political party are trashing crypto all over social media saying it's Communist, Illuminati, Scam, Pyramid scheme, etc. So closed-minded. Maybe, they will wise up. Pretty unlikely, they will watch this though.

  7. Hands down to tucker best thing he did was bringing Michael Saylor to explain the future our system if or when the fiat goes south. I'm hoping it doesn't too soon!!!!

  8. Problem with me when someone asks what bitcoin is, I have GERD/LPR so after about 20 sentences my throat hurts and voice wants to cut out an by the end of the conversation my day is fucked.

  9. there is no KYC with bitcoin miners. buying a asic miner and having it on some mining pools l is not kyc. No one knows who you are and how much you have

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