Invisible surveillance: How spyware is secretly hacking smartphones

Invisible surveillance: How spyware is secretly hacking smartphones

An investigation by a consortium of media organizations has found that military-grade spyware licensed by an Israeli firm has …


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  1. Exactly what James Hetfield of Metallica did to me. He abused his power and used his money to gain full access into my iPhone to hack and spy me. It’s ongoing for five years now. He’s been reported to the police and FBI. It’s been a sickening experience to the say the least. Knowing that you have no privacy on your iPhone daily is extremely disturbing!

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  3. NSO may say the technology is used to fight terrorism and other criminal activity but it undoubtedly relies on the client to decide how any such labels warranting the use of the technology are applied.

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  5. In some regions, law enforcement commit a large scale federal crime who have a belief, a very disillusioned belief when faced with their own truths in the form of which crime they are committing.

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