Jack Dorsey DESTROYS "Web3" In Favor of Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey DESTROYS "Web3" In Favor of Bitcoin.

Jack went IN on the crypto web3 community last night. Bitcoin is the answer. SoFi is the exclusive partner app of The Best …


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  1. Clickbait title. Dorsey didn't destroy anything, other than the non-crypto holder's view of it all – bitcoin or no. To the avg person, bitcoin is no different than any other crypto asset and by "destroying" any of it, he's destroying it all.

  2. JACK IS DOIN GODS WORK. I agree with eric wienstein's thoughts though on the robert breedlove show as well as michael saylor. we CANT give way to utopian thinking around bitcoin. all it is is F -U money. nothing more. if we dont SPEND it in the right places in order to ensure for huamnities survival and flourishing then it will all mean nothing. humanity has huge problems. asteroids, super volcanoes, solar flares, china /russia islamist extremsists etc you know. big problems. we CANT root for the replacement of the dollar, we should dollarize the whole world and back the dollar with bitcoin. thats MUCH better for the world order, otherwise itll give way to chaos. dollar pegged bitcoin backed stablecoins.

  3. If you are going to criticize somethings backers, let's look at BTC. Can any bitcoiner credibly confirm it isn't a central intelligence agency that created it, and you aren't getting played?

  4. Creating a comparison where it's not necessary. Each has its own use case. Guess it does the job in terms of having something else to talk about.

  5. Be cautious about those hyped buzzwords. IMO, there is no Web3, will never be. The Web as we became to know, is under threat not because some FB BS. We need and should push for P2P with all our strength.

  6. So billionaires made their bets on BTC and turns out that other market participants don't care about that maxi coin lol. Just look how well alts hold up during constant BTC bleed. Jack is salty and hostile to other ecosystems because he not only doesn't control them, probably doesn't have coins that pump. His BTC bags keeps getting heavier and nobody cares about 1.5x a year Ina full bull. They wanted to stay relevant but it seems like they bet on the wrong horse…

  7. well I believe in defi so I guess I do believe in web3. I also view bitcoin as web 3. All web 3 means to me is no central authority.

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  10. How is it that web3 and blockchain are related? Someone patented that relationship? For me, the next web is agent-centric and distributed, not so much decentralized.

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  15. Bitcoin is the future it's rising day by day, making investments on bitcon should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decisions you made today, obviously bitcoin will rule the world, who is on my side ?

  16. the old internet will be gone and elon musk is actually gonna provide the new internet, free of shackles…they been working at this master plan forever..guess anthony not done his homework…and still stuck in 3d bitcoin may go even i own a tiny bit of it…eth as well…they were leading into the way but looks like all the old is flushed out. legarde and other biggies on antarctica…or just been, big things….meanwhile coronia island, delta peak and omicron are all on antarctica….we are in a psyop..wake waki

  17. actually…insider saying jack d is arrested hence stepping down along with many other ceos that have done bad in the past..there is a new earth….being made

  18. Bitcoin's main objective is the separation of money from State. I don't believe there is any other crypto project or group of projects that can honestly claim to be attempting this. One of the main reasons Bitcoin can do this is its level of decentralization achieved by proof of work.

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