Autel EVO Lite+ (Plus) – The Review – PART 1

Autel EVO Lite+ (Plus) - The Review - PART 1

PART 1 explores what makes the EVO LITE+ drone special. 6K video samples are shown. PART 2 shows the amazing photos that …


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  1. Also curious about autonomous flight modes. If it's "good enough" I'll buy this one in a heartbeat. If it really lacks the ability to avoid catastrophic failure or get any decent shot for brief "follow me" clips… I may still have to look to Mavic 3 or a separate drone? So tough to beat everything else with this one it seems.

  2. I love your reviews! Back in 1967-69 I lived near Toronto and experienced a couple of Canadian winters (not as cold as Ottawa, certainly), so these cold-weather reviews always take me back. I love Canada. Anyways, I know it's not your intent to make me discontented with my lovely Mini 2, but if I had the cash for an Evo Lite+ I'd get one, and maybe the way to afford it is to sell my Mini 2 on eBay? No! I shall not. But I'm tempted.
    By the way, I got my brother watching your reviews now, and he has Covid at the moment and spends much of his day watching YouTube videos, so if you're watching, bro, Howdy!

  3. informative and qualitative. and he still flies. it's fun to listen to you, because you're funny and well prepared, you can tell that you're having a lot of fun. Nobody is like you Steve, nobody, in the entire YouTube universe there is none. I learn more every time. I'm glad you exist. thanks steve many many many many many many thanks.

  4. Hey, I like your reviews but it`s epileptic to see at least 10 Cpt. drone logos same time in your studio, on screens on the wall, moving message, drone stickers.. box.. 😀 Had no bad intentions with this comment. Guys freeze-frame and count how many captain logos you can find? 🙂

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