"This can change EVERYTHING for BTC!" | Kevin O'Leary Bitcoin News

"This can change EVERYTHING for BTC!" | Kevin O'Leary Bitcoin News

“This can change EVERYTHING for BTC!” | Kevin O’Leary Bitcoin News Kevin O’Leary explains how crypto market investors can …


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  1. Really, really , need to get rid of the awful music ! Stop interrupting the clips with the terrible news flash intro music – it really is annoying and not needed!

  2. This <,channel becoming more like a support group for investors who want to stay in the market — think you are offering a good service for them — keep up the good work. Bitcoin has managed to bounce back after crashing to an 18-month price low over the weekend. Inspiring and to the point. It’s true that inflation is almost entirely priced into the market at this point. The new phase is the significant slowdown in economic growth and that is not yet priced in. Something “shocking” Bitcoin was trading higher on Friday, as price uncertainty in crypto markets continued to grip traders, leading mainly to consolidation. Following a decline to a low of $29,389.44 during Thursday’s session, BTC/USD rose by over 3% on Friday, hitting a high of 30,664.98 in the process. I strongly advice ppl don’t watch stock news, or so called predictions only. The big money is in the crypto exchanges!!!!!!! Watch other news. It's been going sideways since January, it's also pumped from 30k to 40k range more times than it's dropped from 30k to 20k range. It's not really a bear market. It's unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult but BTC trading has helped me maintain financial stability. Although I believe that the benefits of successful trading come from an expert and that is why I made huge profits with the help of Mrs. Robin Moore, she is a genius and that is why I always advise beginners/investors to trade with professionals like her. So far I have been able to increase my trading portfolio from day trading with 4.07 btc to over 16 btc this year with the accurate trading signal given to me by a veteran trader and signal provider Mrs. Robin Moore and I'm an attestant to the accuracy of her trading signal. She is best guide to trade. You can stretch out to Mrs. Robin Moore on ͲeIєɠɾαm @moorerobin or What'sapp ✙12132627458 for more update on how to trade and earn with her explicit trade signal ..

  3. The videos are realistic and extremely well explained. Thank you for educating us newbies. but I’d like to point out my point of view, BTC is almost like a tease when it gets to these levels and it starts to suck in liquidity around this range but we will have to see how the market reacts to these. This is a perfect time to partake in trading as it is volatile. I've made over 9.2 BTC when I started at 1.5 BTC in just a few weeks with Ethan Lohr analysis his strategy is so satisfying.

  4. Schönes Video, bitte, was ist der beste Weg, um Kryptowährungsinvestitionen zu starten und gute Gewinne zu erzielen. Ich recherchiere schon seit einiger Zeit persönlich und weiß immer noch nicht, wo ich anfangen soll.

  5. I realized that the secret to making a million is saving for a better investment. I always tell myself you don't need that new Maserati or that vacation just yet. That mindset helped me make more money investing. For example last year I invested 80k in stocks (with the help of my Financial Advisor of course) and made about 246k, but guess what? put it all back and traded with her again and now I'm rounding up close to a million.

  6. Hell breaks the loss after just a few days of the plunge in the price level of the major cryptocurrencies. many of us keep forgetting that crypto is obviously exposed to a volatile market environment , although i am 100 % sure that crypto would rise in the long run ( new investors keep turning to crypto as an investment location) although a seasoned trader would personally agree a trader earns a lot regardless of the price of cryptocurrencies and that a price drop is equally an opportunity to acquire stocks for profitable trading, with Daniel wright i would say trading went smoothly for me. i started at 1.5 BTC and raised over 6.5 BTC in just three weeks using the trading strategy given to me by veteran trader Daniel Wright.

  7. BTC's price has been fluctuating lately, buying the capitulation isn't a tough call, but it is a very tough call to figure out what to do aside holding.
    The good thing about the space is that you can buy the dips and put them into active trades, while confidently waiting for a pump in price because it is inevitable.
    Most people do not understand how the space works. Your advantage is understanding , Charts won’t guarantee what an asset is going to do.
    Prices will go up or down. Nevertheless, the market has been so profitable despite price up and down.
    I've always played safe implementing trades with insights and signals from a renowned trader, Mr Ryan Donald. I made 8.5 BTC from the recent crash in the market last week.

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