Android vs iPhone – Which is ACTUALLY Better? (ft MKBHD)

Android vs iPhone in 2022 – Who’s doing it better? Obviously a controversial topic, but hope you find this useful! Hats off to …


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  1. This was like watching US election, when you define subjects favorably to your opinion you can nullify all the good things android does better with one thing that it does not do as well, and if there is no actual issue just invent one. Like the complaint of not actually saving picture after taking it. Never happened to me and been using android since galaxy S1. Has anyone actually seen this kinda of behavior with default android camera app?

  2. the lighting was terrible ??
    dude relax, most of us come to you for objective reviews…

    do this as long as you enjoy it, this is my favorite review channel.

  3. So am I assuming the sound quality for music, speaker quality, call quality, ear pod quality, ring quality is all the same across the both devices?

  4. great… It would be nice to have different scores from you two and then compare and discuss where your scoring differs. Great video and very difficult topic to generalise

  5. Customization is literally the only topic android users use to try and argue which is better.. MKBHD said it perfectly “Android has good features a small amount of people care about, and apple has extremely important features for a large amount of people”! Iphone has better battery, better build quality, better all around camera, better ui, essential features like airdrop, face unlock, shareplay, facetime, imessage, 3rd party accessibility, etc and in my opinion to much customization is a bad thing, gets overwhelming, Android seems like a restaurant that has 1000 things on the menu to hide that there food isnt as good lol, apple is the restaurant with a more limited selection but the food is sensational (gap is closing though with ios 16)

  6. I have a feeling this might have had a little outside influence in terms of scoring. Even in the comments a lot is talked about that is missed in the cons of Apple. A good point is that you state how Apple has 5 years of updates but in those 5 years they will brick your phone so bad that it isn't usable anymore, they want you to buy another phone. I'm still using my S8 and its more than enough for watching youtube, browsing the internet, using apps. You can't say the same for Apple, especially historically. Which brings me to another point about sustainability… You mention the eye catching number of 20% recycled material but gloss over the fact they use outdated charging methods to make you purchase additional hardware to juice their margins. They don't include the necessary components to make a phone operate. Apple is terrible with 3rd party stuff as they want you to buy their headphones, watches, and other add ons like streaming. They want you to stay in their ecosystem as it makes them more money. TBH kinda feels like another iPhone fanboy video where you don't actually cover the downfalls of Apple, not your usual video.

  7. You guys did not really go by phones. You made decisions on the popularity of them. And of course Apple would win. Side by side many other you tubers would highly disagree with this score if it were based on phone and not the popularity amongst people.

  8. Yea I don't know about these guys anymore. I have both the samsung S22 Ultra and iPhone 12pro max. I have to say that the only reason why I use the iPhone is because my kids like the popularity of it. But better than my S22, nah. Battery life is not better when I use it as much as I use my s22u

  9. Was about to comment in favor of Android bcz i can customize almost anything free of cost with ads. But, if one can afford Apple, good for them. I am happy with my Android as it is pocket friendly and customizable.

  10. I switched from Apple to Android a few years ago. There's no way I'm going back to IOS ever again! I love the freedom I find in Android phones.

  11. If you ever did this again, I think a good question is:

    Which is better for the mobile industry? The space as a whole. Cause I think you could make a hugely impactful argument that the things that people love about iPhone are actually bad for the mobile experience UNLESS you're on an iPhone. And most of that is refusal on apples part to use industry standards.

  12. You guys are just the best keep up with the good I appreciate it a lot when I have money in the future I really want an iphone for sure..
    Thank you

  13. If Mkbhd wants everything iphone has why is he holding the Samsung? lets be honest Apple guys will make up any stuff just to prove iphone is better. I am commenting this on an iPhone and i can say Android is way better. There are some things that Apple just can't do and there are also things in Android that are just trash. But overall Android accepts you with just what you have but Apple is a cage ecosystem.

  14. I loved this video, I subscribe to you both. I think you should have done a score board beneath both of you. You both seemed to be quite varied on opinion but would agree at the end of each category. 👍🏼❤️ Keep up with the awesome videos.

  15. It's painful when you can't share or receive a simple music file from another user's phone. Locked ecosystem which forces people buy their range of products is still what makes some of us stay away from Apple products

  16. I hate how they removed the headphone jack. Then Samsung followed because it was trendy. Luckily I have a phone with a jack but it sucks that I have to have Bluetooth if I want a new phone.

  17. All the software features that they mentioned for apple are just apps for android that you can download pretty easy and have the same thing. Wouldn't really count that as a point for apple.

    Edit: its pretty funny how most of the comments are leaning towards android

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