Drone camera captures dramatic Kansas coal train derailment aftermath | USA TODAY

Drone camera captures dramatic Kansas coal train derailment aftermath | USA TODAY

A drone camera captured shocking images of the aftermath of a coal train that derailed outside of Lawrence, Kansas. RELATED: …


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  1. They're going after our coal too like the food processing plants and our bodies of water like Lake Mead? Wake up people! Our treasonous traitorous government is trying to cull the masses!

  2. This has got to be deliberate!

    People think about in the last year all the poultry farms burning down, or mysterious bird flu. The food distribution centers burning down, and all those dead cattle in Kansas.

    Now a train hailing coal??? 🤔 Remember the sleepy joe BURDEN administration is pushing for all chi na electric vehicles and solar. $$$
    NOT coal, gas or oil.

    America WAKE UP, this ISN'T conspiracy, it's DELIBERATE!!!

    Entity's such as global leaders, the left in our government and or in BIG companies/organizations are out to weaken the our nation.

    By inflation, starving us, and taking away our guns as a means for We The People to confirm and cooperate with their wicked evil agenda!

    Ever heard of a One World Government and The Great Reset??? It's numbinly/slowly getting Americans to fall into it. Remember it's a slow gentle PLANNED process so people will accept it.

    Look into klaus schwab, george soros, and bill gates, these are some of the top ring leaders for wanting to control the people.

    Why do you think they want you to get the v a x and the numerous
    b o o s t e r s h o t s, especially little children. It's P O P U L A T I O N
    C O N T R O L!!!

    Laugh at my comment now, and I guarantee you'll CRY later when this comes to fruition.

    🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻 AGAINST such evilness for the little children's sake who have to endure this after we're gone.

  3. There is a section Foreman on that railroad that's going to get raked over the coals, probably not his fault but they got to blame somebody!!

  4. How is it not a single media outlet bothered to mention how long that entire train was?
    The 30 derailed hoppers probably weren't even 10% of the total length.

    Would've been great if that drone at least went up high enough to show the end of it.

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