The Diofield Chronicle Review

The Diofield Chronicle Review

The DioField Chronicle reviewed on PC by Leana Hafer. Also available on PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. As an able, fast-paced …


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  1. repetition are the same people that give COD and Assasins Creed games high score every year, games that are not only insanely repetative, but are extremely lacking in inovation… Diofield is no more repetative than Any other game and a its less repetative than AC, COD or Dark souls..It's a breath of fresh air in a rarely visited genre with some very inovative twists. All these reviewers just hurt gaming and soon they will destroy the sudden influx of amazing Eastern titles that have been coming out in the last couple of years. They will demand these great Eastern games become more like the generic western games that these reviewers gush over for some reason. Scores should be gone, full stop.

  2. they should get rid of that Default "unreal Engine look", that thing are always the main culprit that makes games looks generic.
    otherwise, the game itself is promising, ditching the turn based system and using a realtime system is a great idea

  3. agree with review for once. this game was a dreadful bore after 8 hours or so and the game felt like it needed another year in the oven

  4. Bro, spoilers! just casually browsing through chapter 2 battle list with story notes? i'd expect this kind of dumb move from a small channel, but come on

  5. so the term 12/10 IGN would play it again is still a thing with this website.. you guys should address this issue if you care and want to have some of your integrity back. a simple take to address it is to just ditch the score system,

  6. Y'all play a game made by a Japanese studio and complain about the English Voices. Switch it to Japanese you don't do this by now with Sqaure by now that's your own fault.

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