Hogwarts Legacy Review

Hogwarts Legacy Review

Hogwarts Legacy reviewed by Travis Northup on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. In nearly every way, Hogwarts Legacy is …


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  1. The elephant in the room with Hogwarts Legacy is Harry Potter’s creator, J.K. Rowling, whose comments about transgender people in recent years have left a sour taste in the mouths of many current and former Potter fans, both at IGN and in the world at large. This has driven some to call for a boycott of the Wizarding World altogether – including Hogwarts Legacy, though Rowling was not directly involved and there are good reasons (both in-game and out) to believe the developers at Avalanche don’t necessarily share her views. Regardless, IGN has always and will continue to champion human rights causes and support people speaking with their wallets in whatever manner they choose.

    As critics, our job is to answer the question of whether or not we find Hogwarts Legacy to be fun to play and why; whether it’s ethical to play is a separate but still very important question. So just as in virtually all cases, we’re choosing to expose and address the views of the franchise creator separately from our consideration of the work of the hundreds of game developers and evaluate Hogwarts Legacy as it stands, leaving behind-the-scenes context to be considered in addition to that evaluation, rather than in place of it, so that it can be weighted according to your own values.

  2. If anyone sees this and doesnt know, Hogwarts Legacy in not fully released yet by the time of this review. Bugs will most likely be fixed in the day one patch.

  3. I’m so happy the boycott was able to hype this game up even more ✨ NEVER let people you don’t know online influence the way you think or feel.

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