OnePlus 11 Review: They're Back?!

OnePlus 11 is a flagship for $699 MKBHD Merch: OnePlus 11: Tech I’m using …


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  1. This really is the ColorOS that's ruining the software.
    I have a 9 pro and I purposely regressed back to OxygenOS 11 because 12 was just too much like Color for me. It still isn't anywhere close to my old OP3 and 6. LOVED the old OxygenOS on those phones, but it is way better than whatever I'm seeing on that OnePlus 11.

  2. I was eagerly waiting for the OP11 but then I saw that weird ass camera bump with no sense of uniformity and having used a OP9RT(again a very weird phone) with it's janky ass ColorOS(even MIUI is better) just made me reconsider. I just recently bought the IQOO 11 and so far other than a few compatibility issues (with some CN games I play) I've had no problem. I wish OP11 had been better coz I wanted to own it so bad having used OP since its very first phone

  3. The aftercare is also a problem.

    Not often talked about in reviews is first-party repairability. I'm not sure how this is handled in the US, but in the UK, there is a complete lack of transparency from OnePlus on pricing.

    They outsource official repairs here to a third-party and neither OnePlus or the repair company will provide ANY pricing for OOW repairs unless you send the device off to them first, which is ridiculous.

    If you want a battery replacement, for example, you have to send your phone off for a week just to get a price that you may decline.

  4. Sometimes you really love the design and sometimes you ok with it or doesn't matter but this camera bump you can't ignore is so cringed and annoying even I hate to see it in another person's hand.

  5. my issue with OP is not the phones, usually they are impressive. It's the long term support in terms of software and security. Now that my phone literally owns my life, banking, pension, taxes, investments, password manager and even work via 2FA. I see security as more of an essential attribute as opposed to "killer" flagship features. Phones have reached the diminishing returns at a certain price point. Sure – this is better than my Pixel 6, but I'm damn sure that my P6 will last far longer than it's OP generational equivalent. My OP7 Pro only really lasted 18 months before bugs and software issues became apparent. OP sell off as well gave me less confidence in the platform.

    Hard no from me.

  6. S23+ looks like a better deal to me:

    256gb at start
    IP68 –> very important!
    Wireless charging –> also very important
    probably the best camera
    Very reliable software updates

  7. No 1 tb version. , no memory card ( also no mem card in s23 series ) , why cant manufacturers add this !!!!! its so damn annoying 😰😰😥😥😥😥😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  8. My sis had a one plus 7 pro, and she had a LOT of software issues including the front camera no longer working, he upgraded to the flip4 last year.
    I have the 9r and so many software issues here too, storage filling itself, apps closing randomly, slow fingerprint reading etc, gonna switch when the flip 5 comes out prob.

  9. Seem OnePlus seem to went down when they were able to sell in the USA. My favorite OnePlus was the 7pro. I like Color OS used it on slot of Oppo phones so I'm use to it.

  10. My experience is the same. As Mkbhd mentioned I too suffer every day because of these mentioned annoyances. But I saw some more. 1) The animation at 1x feels slow and less responsive than Oxygen os 11. 2) whenever I swipe to dismiss a notification, the swipe is registered as a click (50% of the time).

    These are very annoying

  11. I will never buy OnePlus phones. They ruined one of their phones i absolutely loved when it came out OnePlus 8 pro. Their android update completely fucked up the phone and the only way to get it fixed by their support was getting everything reinstalled through remote support assistant on the time they chose and i had no say in it, plus i used that phone for work and so i lost all the contacta and mailing lists. Fuck this wannabe cool phone company. Better phone companies out there now anyways.

  12. Great review but Oneplus is gone. Generic Chinese ColorOS. So out of touch from reality and customers. Curved screens should be gone by 2018. Form over function. It may look cool but so atrocious to care, find screen protectors and cases. Flat screens accessories are dirt cheap in comparison. Far more usable in real life than curved. Nothing Phone, iPhone and S23 is far superior in usability.

  13. I'm currently using oneplus 10t and it has been a delight using this beast.
    Everything besides the camera is amazing. I didn't have to worry about wireless charging because I can charge my phone to full in 15mins.

  14. My 7 Pro just got updated to Oxygen OS 12, so take this with a grain of salt cause I'm not on 13, but some of the software issues you spoke of don't really seem real. Like if I have a cluster of text messages, I can just hold down on the group instead of tapping the arrow and they will open up. If there's like a photo in one of them, then I need to tap the arrow but still. I can also swipe the whole list of notifications back up from the bottom of the screen too, but I don't allow the gesture bar to remain on screen so maybe that factors in. If I want to, I can also just swipe above the notifications and it will all go back up so there's that. I'm still able to swipe notifications away to the left as well, so that weirdly might be a 13 issue.

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