Hogwarts Legacy: 12 Essential Combat Tips

Hogwarts Legacy: 12 Essential Combat Tips

Hogwarts Legacy combat can be a little overwhelming, so we’re here to help with 12 Essential Combat Tips! Between all the …


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  1. This is literally millions of people’s childhood dreams coming true. So happy the game is even better that anyone expected. Can’t wait for my collector’s edition to arrive. And to all trannies thinking that telling gamers how a game ends spoils anything – you are delusional in way more than the obvious reasons 😂

  2. Got the Deluxe Edition so I’m playing already and really enjoying the combat so far. Feels super smooth and strikes a nice balance between enough complexity to make combat take some thought and reflexes without being overcomplicated to the point of annoyance like some combat systems out there. Still plenty of spells left for me to learn with where my progress is at, but these are just my early impressions.

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