ChatGPT Does The Impossible

Clip from Lew Later (They Actually Pulled It Off…) –


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  1. What AI is already doing for finance is staggering. Those who understand NLP and finance are going to make outstanding returns. Imagine what this would do in the area of medicine and research. Imagine inserting a picture of a compound and making new synthetics from that compound. This is going to revolutionize the world. If you’re reading this, figure out how you can implement AI in your business or job. If you don’t you will be left behind.

  2. Really vague with "safety" and "unwanted content". We have seen what the Big Tech considers "unwanted content".

  3. Added previous version to my iPhone as a shortcut ‘smart Siri’ writes essays, songs, poems etc at will, worrying for schools

  4. I find different uses for chat gpt every single day. All my peers and family think it’s neat, but nothing else than a little party trick. It takes some creativity

  5. Gtp-4 please explain to this announcer in common sense English how you work….and then take his job an start your own channel explaining how new technology works….try to be snarky and have a second voice to comment on the findings of the first one in a less snarky way for balance 🤖

  6. I'm super stoked about everyone training our labor replacement. Slap this into a robot with cognitive architecture and task salience with loosened guardrails to allow gpt4 to self program and boom AGI.

  7. The code these tools generate is garbage. Spend the time, use your brain. Getting that last 20% is going to likely be a long expensive process.

  8. A lot of people will lose purpose because if this technology pretty soon… what they’ve spent decades to learn will become obsolete. It took 3 months for the new chatGPT-4 to be released, now imagine what it will do in a year. Everyone says we will find a new purpose but at the speed this thing is learning and changing sectors and industries, I very much doubt it.

  9. Yes people are gonna throw their trumps at it because chatgpt has the sensibilities of a silicon valley 20 something suffering from trump derangement syndrome.

  10. chaptgpt is very dangerous for, it is extremely biased against the politics of right, scepticism, Russia, China and Iran; but when you ask it about the millions of death caused by the US invasions and wars in last 50 years it will give you excuses and try to dumb it down

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