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Ulefone Armor 2 (USA Link) – Ulefone Armor 2 (International) – The Ulefone Armor 2 …


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  1. help, THIS ulefone armor x5 149euro ;;; Or the…., VS Ulefone Armor 3W 349Euro, or is it worth 150 MORE FOR THE ULephone 7 armor at 489euor. I dont wnat a phone that feels slowwr than ma Xiaomi mi a1 gen. from 2016 with SD626, ana altssould not reallty want to get bigger pysichal size than 155mm TALL, jeans problems.. i se all of thee are FAT. so what should i go for. is the harware much netter in the 7? i keep my phones for 3-4 years. HLP

  2. this caught my eye, my dad has this phone. lasted him the past 2 years, very impressive considering he's an irrational orangutan who breaks thing when he gets angry

  3. Have you tested the Doogee s95 Pro ? id love to see you compare them both. I'm looking for a rugged phone just trying to pick the best one.

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