The Sword Art Online Full Dive Nervegear is HERE! 2023

The Sword Art Online Full Dive Nervegear is HERE! 2023

The Sword Art Online VR headset is here. full dive nervegear from sword art online. Is sword art online possible in 2023 with the …


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  1. I think I can answer why there isn't a Sword Art Online game yet. Let me ask you do you actually want a sword art online game? or the Idea of it?

    The full Sword art online game has Near sentient AI or maybe fully, full free movement as we can do in real life. which might never happen in games, roleplaying, it's a stats-based game (aka rpg but really they're stat-based games), MMO, it's not just a stat-based game you also need a lot of skill, it's a game that mainly has melee weapons like swords, all moves are accurate as if its real life (never going to happen, unless we have enough connection speeds someday), finally, it plays like non-VR games (for example you being able to be knocked back and to the ground) which might need full dive VR to be put in.

    The Idea of Sword Art online is the environment, the floors, the enemies, the clothes, shops, and more. But it isn't the full game.

    Now let me ask again. Do you want a Sword Art Online game? or the Idea?

    if you want the Idea of it. There are plenty of things you can play already. However, if you want the full game (even if some of what I said is missing like full free movement), It is possible today. Let me repeat that IT IS POSSIBLE TODAY. The problem is VR games need to evolve. But right now the one evolving most is the technology for VR.

    I'll ask again. Do you want a Sword Art Online game? if yes, don't just support the VR tech. Support the games as well.
    Or do you just want the Idea of it? If so, you don't need to keep waiting.

  2. I cannot tolerate it anymore. I am tired of titles including nervegear, full dive or anything related. Clickbait is so goddamn annoying to me.

  3. I absolutely want this as much as the rest of you- hell probably even more! But I gotta admit…. That vr headset doesn't look like it reads your brain nearly as well as the nerve gear :/ not to mention they haven't seen anything that can block signals towards our brain either –

  4. @VRality with all due respect I'm sorry but I don't believe any of this at all it just feels fake and I don't see any proof at all plus I feel they would be arrested ASAP if anyone was killed that's why I feel it is fake as hell nothing against you

  5. full dive is cool but honestly all I need is just a well made sao mmo game!

    pls sony, meta, mihoyo or whatever do something ASAP

  6. I built a thought control headset prototype in 2008-9. It doesn't work well, at all, you would have to have gels wet on each sensor. Look up Neurocetper, different name now. It's just fluff, and it will barely work.

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