Best Chromebooks 2021

Best Chromebooks 2021

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  1. CHROME BOOK PRODUCTS ARE A TOTAL POS, do not bother with buying one of these cheap garbage devices, spend the extra few dollars, and upgrade to a Windows Product. Save yourself from the heartbreak and frustration of having thrown your hard-earned money away !!

  2. Relative just bought Asus C214 from Lidl for £149.99. I checked worldwide prices and this is the cheapest by far for that model.

  3. A chromebook for word documents, browsing the internet. Streaming videos. Decent battery life and memory?

  4. @techradar…
    you're getting the idea of Chromebooks all wrong. It's no longer a budget device just for students. High end Chromebooks like the Pixelbook Go with 16GB of RAM are for developers looking for a portable Linux/Unix laptop. With a managed Linux installation, everything down to the battery life and integration is optimized. Devs can browse the web if they just want to chill, and fire up a full Linux OS when they need to for developing software. If the dev ever needs more resources, the native Linux integrations make it easy to shift their development pipeline directly to the cloud. At this point, you're probably asking why not get a Mac then, well, to start, the Macs are overkill when I don't need the full OS while browsing the web in bed.

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