Diablo 4 Review in Progress Update – Second Beta Impressions

Diablo 4 Review in Progress Update - Second Beta Impressions

Travis Northup is back with a review in progress update after the second beta weekend and lots of time with the Necromancer and …


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  1. Still thinking about this game! Going to patiently wait until the last possible moment to see what happens with the ABK deal before pre-ordering to get early access.

  2. Ign better stay away with reviews of diablo… There are way more better hardcore diablo players that they actually can put real feedback to blizzard what have to be changed for quality of life… And replayability….

  3. Disappointed at druid and barbarian, very unbalanced. Missing key features like quick access to skills, bunch of bugs and disconnects. Canceled my pre-order.

  4. Shame on the editor-in-chief who decided that a review in progress would start from the beta. What is this desperation? You can't even play it now What review is in progress?

    IGN is IGN, the big boy of the space, this is just pathetic and unnecessary. It's just making your longtime readers and fans laugh at you for a bit because it's just so dumb.

    Just canceled this so-called in progress nonsense until the game actually comes out. It was all a break, you got egg on your face and it's ridiculous.

  5. "its too repetitive" says the man who's been farming mephisto for his entire adult life or running crimson temple over and over and over and over and..

  6. Earth elemental druid is the best if you happen to find the legendary staff, it doubles the number of rock pillars summoned from 2 to 4, make sure to buff core skills nods damage through different skills and its easy mode

  7. bro skill tree ain't dense, it's a linear twig that you just b line for your power and anything that makes that better, there's no complexity, just pick whirlwind for example, take shout's and call of the ancients, what's so hard about following a set path that's laid out for you to take??????

  8. The script on this one is so bad….the guy also had no idea about how the game plays….did he even get to lv 25 and try a single build??

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