Best Compact Smartphones (2023) | Top 12 Small-ish Blowers!

Best Compact Smartphones (2023) | Top 12 Small-ish Blowers!

Reviewing the best compact smartphones in 2023, including some small handsets under 6-inches and my favourite flip-style …


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  1. OK, I got to a situation where I simply cannot decide between Xiaomi 13 with its stunning design and flat display (FINALLY SOMEONE at this price range) and Oneplus 11 with arguably superior hardware for its price.

    So I am here, asking complete strangers for your opinions. Which one?

  2. Hey Uncle Spurt that was a great video with plenty off information about all off them phones. If I had a load off money I would buy the Google Pixel 7, Xiaomi 13 and the Samsung Galaxy S23 them three phones are really cool looking phones.

  3. I've got a vivo x90pro+ and I am considering replacing it with a compact phone, cause i'm tired of huge phones, but it's so hard. It's so hard to chosse as the available compact phones don't have such a good camera, not even half as good! but I am so interested by the s23 and xm 13, also considering taking a samsung s54 in addition to my vivo, cause i can't give up the camera.

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