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  1. Nah Nah Nah, bowling is as much of a god damn sport as anything else. Looking into the technical side of it, there is a lot more than what meets the eye!

  2. nice video dude, really good perspective on the esport. I know I'll watch NA LCS on my phone at work and people are like WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING SOUNDS SOO INTERESTING!? I show it to them and they might watch it for a good 1-3mins before they walk off and do their own thing 😀

  3. But refocusing on you saying that "shooter" games would have a better viewership is my opinion wrong. Example is that League of Legends, the biggest video game out and most played is pretty simple. Its a 5v5 and its objective to destroy the enemy nexus by killing enemy opponents and destroying towers and getting objectives to help win. You can get more in depth into the game if they would seem interested into the game. Shooter games are a good too but its viewership is not as big as MOBA's except for Counter-Strike: GO. Just my own opinion and great video it was really good!

  4. The production of esports is bad? On call of duty yes…watch Smite, CSGO or LoL, the casters are amazing and know what they're doing

  5. There was an ad before this about paying attention in school and saying that u should know shit and not look it up but I'm like why tf do I need to know the 36th president or the Capitol of india like wtf

  6. at 16 minutes when you say the quality is bad, that is 100% not true for league of legends, yes they over hype small things but they do go very in depth compared to cod

  7. I personally took offense that you would classiy the WBNA as being a low rated sport. ESPN has been a corp that prides itself on the physicality factors of sports in general, the reality is, sports are not meant to be played from a couch. Maybe if you want to see video game sports/fps/etc media make a break through in the industry, maybe you should make a dedicated network just for vid game compitition play.

    That's what Dana White did with the UFC.

  8. As far as the video. He did very good but not considering Women's Basketball is baffling. Its Basketball but for women. ITS A SPORTS

  9. Your script was great other than mispronouncing Heroes of the Dorm? from Heroes of the Storm but probably your biggest problem over the video where those delays.

  10. Bigger Youtubers copy smaller ones: Inspired
    Smaller Youtubers copy bigger ones: ripoff xD

    (it's a joke)

    Great vid Jdodd, came here from Drift0r and I plan to stay =)

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