The Flash Review

The Flash Review

The Flash reviewed by Joshua Yehl. Opens in theaters on June 16, 2023. IGN’s Joshua Yehl shares his thoughts on the new DC …


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  1. Using plural pronouns for singular application sounds ridiculous. Such an odd ideology behind it. Especially considering a group of people demand you conform. It reminds me of religious cults. Only this cult riots and burns cities.

  2. This is not just an Ezra Miller film. This is a film with many people who put their heart to it. So cut the crap Ign!!! 7/10…Are you fuckin kidding me?

  3. Most people don't even realize that the economy is collapsing and there is an increasing rate of unemployment worldwide so take advantage and prepare while things are still on the shelf in the store

  4. All this talk for over a year about how this is the best film ever made and it can hardly break 70% on Rotton Tomatoes. Modern Cinema is dissapointing

  5. Fan service is not inherently a bad thing. It’s a nitpicky complaint. Stick to things that are real criticisms, plot, writing, performances, etc

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