Testing ANTIQUE Kitchen Gadgets | Chinese Popcorn Maker feat. @FrenchGuyCooking

Testing ANTIQUE Kitchen Gadgets | Chinese Popcorn Maker feat. @FrenchGuyCooking

Jamie and @FrenchGuyCooking are getting the safety goggles on, this time to test some antique kitchen gadgets! Subscribe to …


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  1. France is not the "Birth place of Western cuisine"… but fuck it, forget about Spain or Greece or Italy, or even England… you know what France is over rated.

  2. The thing I find about the Chinese popcorn maker is that it is slow! But a cool technique. That Classic Cutter reminds me of all of the K-Tel kitchen gadget commercials I grew up watching in the 1970's.

  3. I imagine the popper ranks better when you consider it pops any grain. puffed wheat, puffed oats, puffed rice etc which is all harder to do than popping corn.

  4. When canning season come around, that apple peeler came in handy! I think my grandparents only had 4 apple trees but with all of use working together, it still took a long while tp peel all those apples.
    The game of it was to beat grandpa who always peeled the apple in a single long strip with a pocket knife.
    Oh and we used the peeler for more then apples, but the apples were just so numerous that it was always the start of the canning jobs. Of course we would always have Apple pie one canning days.

  5. This channel thinks it's big but it's so bloody amateurish. It has delusions of grandeur and its mouth is writing cheques it's arse can't cash.

  6. grief- I remember growing up in the 80s and everyone was obsessed with presenting food cut into crowns like that or spiralising a cucumber (my parents let me do that because the spinny plastic thing wasnt dangerous. It was considered the height of class to present food like that at a dinner party in the late 70s and into the 80s. ….. no im not kidding lol.
    We didnt have a gadget like that though we had a knife sort of thing with a blade that was bent into a right angle so you plunged it into the tomato/egg/whatever then took it out turned the food lined the edge of the cut you had just done with the blade and plunged it in again – rinse and repeat until you got all the way round and ti came apart into 2 crowns.

  7. The popcorn popper in the thumbnail is also used with other grains in China/Southeast Asia by street vendors who use much larger versions. You can find videos on youtube with street vendors using them to make huge amounts of puffed grains for sweet snacks. Its basically gun puffing, the same process used to make certain breakfast cereals

  8. 14:20 I call bull shit. Europe didn't discover the Americas until 1492, corn came from there, so there is no f'ing way China was making pop corn in 960 AD. He said other grains so was it used to cook rice? Not as fun. EDIT: Looking it up this is how puffed rice is made. That is much more useful than pop corn. There is still the explosion when released though.

  9. I am allergic to corn and seriously miss popcorn. I'd love to see if that gizmo could "pop" rice because rice is one grain I'm not allergic to.

  10. Haven't watched one of your guy's videos in a while. Are you still preachy liberals or have you all grown up a bit?

  11. My mother has that classy cutter thing, in the original box and with the spiral cutter. We still use them too when there's a family dinner and we want to get 'fancy'

  12. My nan had one of those apple peelers. She always got it out when making an apple pie or a crumble, which was very often. Was fascinated as a nipper. Worked like an absolute charm 🥰

  13. the peeler would do better if cleaned as well i think i found it, if it's the correct one

    Omaha daily bee., August 17, 1912,
    peeler came out in 1989

    Goodel's apple peelers – 85 cents

    also captions is wrong it says Goodall but it's a E, not a A

    these would fly and be used daily since apples where very popular at that time
    apple pie, apple butter, applesauce, dried apples

    "1890 Arkansas had 2,000,000 bearing apple trees, and this increased to over 7,000,000 trees in 1910. Benton County alone had 2,000,000 trees in 1910, more"


    little more info on it

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