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  1. My teacher has one of these and we all ate the apple skin and used the apple for brown sugar cinnamon apples slices with the caramel sauceπŸ˜…

  2. all you have to use a peeler. you know the potato peelers. I owned one of these and they suck. a potato peelers work sooo much better. they are most definitely not a need, I threw mine away

  3. Few cons:
    Lot of wasted apple
    Mechanical complication means more things to break, clean, maintain and store than a knife
    More expensive
    Less variablility in cutting styles

  4. Pakistanis still use it for spiral potatoes where we do the same thing with potatoes and impale it with a large stick to spread the potato on that stick and sprinkle spices and sauces, it's yummy

  5. I’m just looking at this video but to me it looks like it takes away to much of the skin and part of the apple. πŸ€” I could easily be wrong.

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