Payday 3 Review

Payday 3 Review

Payday 3 reviewed by Travis Northup on Xbox Series X/S. Also available on PlayStation 5 and PC. Payday 3 is a solid step …


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  1. perfect example as to why you never review games before their offical release. becasue they could have a day 1 patch that fixes all of these things. and then when someone comes to this review they will end up disliking it cause "the game doesn't have those issues wtf IGN?"

  2. Payday 3 was going to be a hard game to review on launch. Just like they said the majority of the content is expected to be released over the years, but the game at launch is (hopefully) the least it will ever be.
    Its a shame to hear about the technical issues tho.

  3. 0:37 "A weak story" it's literally a major conspiracy to take out the payday gang from a major shareholder of gensec, the security company we've been ridiculing for years

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