DON'T Buy The Google Pixel Buds

The Google Pixel Buds are a cool concept but the execution feels a little underwhelming. For me, the fit isn’t ideal and the lack of a …


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  1. So I ve got the pixel buds1 with pixel 3……pointless things….they don t stay in when you run, and you hear more the outside noise then your music…..don t even talk about podcasts……so I ve bought for a 1/4 of their price JlabBuds Air. Sounds awesome , and never feels as they will fall off.

  2. Ive been using my pixel buds gen 1 for like 3 years now, used to own a pixel 3, now on iphone and theyre still powering through haha, these things sound great and ive gotten used to all the touch controls. Never really understood all the hate on these things. Been putting off buying new headphones cause i like the small chord to keep them together

  3. I'm gonna say these headphones suck. Every time I try to charge i have to shove my charger up the little plug hard just so it can charge and most of the time it doesn't. And the way they feel in my ears also sucks because they're so big. But the way they sound is nice though, but at the end I rather buy ten dollar headphones that plug into my phone than these headphones because at least I know the ten dollars ones work.

  4. That title might have fucked any chances of him getting a review unit for the new ones. Everyone else got their pairs for review. Still nothing from unbox!

  5. Sound quality is amazing !!
    Buds worked well for first couple of months, Later on i faced issue with not able to charge them. I tried different settings but never worked. Not even close It is not google's answer to Apple Airpods ! 😛

  6. Ok ,,,, my first thought is jam packed software and apps cool. So why has noòooooooo companies meaning Google never made a crystal clear pass through feature or features, say when you're talking to someone or want to be aware of outside at all times. I mean noise canceling was a hit and live translation will be a hit so why not I mean everyone pay 200 for small parts and software we would love to, then Google bus would be my first choice every time.

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