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  1. I really need your help, I just upgraded my iPhone to the new iOS 17 but ever since then I couldn’t been able to text to a android user because it always says not delivered and I tried everything to fix it but I can find the right video to find it please help me out.

  2. Who cares, well other than apple. I know they want to single people out who own androids. I don't care. I have never cared if I show up as a green or blue bubble, or a damn pink bubble. What is nice is that even if they (apple) don't like it Android and iPhone users should be able to send high quality video and photos. I see a photo from an iPhone and it looks like trash, they see the same so it sounds like that will improve.

  3. Apple when an actual groundbreaking feature is out: 💤😴😴
    Apple when they find a feature android phones had in years: 🤑🤑🤑💵💵💸💸💲💲💰💰💳

  4. I send a message and the bubble around it is green 💚 and tech reviewers continue to make it look like it's bad. Now apple runs with it to make it a marketing advantage and you all wonder why they don't want to make cross messaging the same bubble as iMassage? iPhone users just holding onto straws to make them feel superior to Android users 😂

  5. It still blows my mind as someone outside the US that people haven't just switched to better alternatives like telegram or even whatsapp, like everywhere else in the world, rather than sticking with the messaging app… The only time I see people using default messaging apps is for SMS 2FA (and that's bad for different reasons)

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