Sony Xperia XZ Premium: a week with the new handset from Sony

The Sony XZ Premium looks great on paper, but how does it work in practical terms? John McCann shows us his first week with …


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  2. Recently had the pleasure of using this phone. Just a remarkable phone. Shame the press are always so harsh on Sony phones. I think I would have rather purchased the XZP a year ago rather than a G6 which has been nothing but problems with poor update support.

  3. Really a nice info on how the battery performance in XZ PREMIUM.. But is there any heating problem..? Like example when we play high definition games, recording 4k videos and trying to using more ram??

  4. I just bought this phone unlocked on Amazon for $605. It's the International version, which has the fingerprint sensor enabled, unlike the US version. Can't wait for it to arrive Monday.

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