We Drove the Tesla Cybertruck!

This week, Marques and David are joined at the big table by Ellis for a discussion about the Cybertruck! They recount their …


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  1. The Cybertruck is so unique and has a practical capability. However, at this point it is not for me but there are at least two features I especially like.
    The Drive-by-Wire ability is so terrific where you can get a full wheel turn by only moving the steering wheel about one half turn. Also, the steering wheel itself is fabulous in that it is somewhat square and you can more clearly see over the steering wheel. You can also easily place your hands on the mostly flat top part of the wheel for a better position to drive as well as to comfortably rest your hands on the mostly flat bottom part of the wheel while in FSD or just cruising without it on…… so Terrific …. It would be Great if TESLA would offer these features on all of their vehicles. I am hopeful the new items will be available for the line up in the near future.

  2. I was expecting CT to adopt Brembo’s Sensify brake-by-wire tech. Brembo disclosed they were in tests with an American car manufacturer which seemed to imply it was Tesla. Perhaps it could be for the Roadster initially and find it's way to other Models later.

  3. I’m glad Marques was a little more open and honest here.
    You could tell he has clearly trying to be careful and not make anyone mad on the main Cybertruck video. Kinda disappointing in my opinion. He’s normally someone I can count on for not being biased by the company he’s reviewing.

  4. Cybertruck: 48V wiring reduces the wiring diameter due to lower CURRENT for the same Power aka Wattage. Summary: ignorant, narcissistic, dweebs mixing facts with speculation focusing on perceptions, impressions and "feelings".

  5. Ellis' take is exactly what I think: there's a lot of wonderfully done individual engineering efforts, but nothing is innovative or there to make life easier for anyone. Terrible amounts of glare for anyone outside of the truck, pokey angles that are terrible for pedestrians and anyone outside of the truck, and a lack of crumple zones makes the thing worse for the person driving it and everyone around it.

  6. I am in Canada and listen to you guys to keep up with what is happening on the tech world reason being is that you are a trustworthy source and you know your subject. You own it. Thanks.

  7. Cybertruck is a major rolling technological milestone.

    1. First car ever with fully steer by wire system with force feedback.
    2. First armored vehicle for under $80,000. Who even has that without going 3rd party spending $$$?
    3. First to have stormproof glass which is rated to withstand a 70mph hit from a 2 inch solid ball of ice.
    4. Advance battery pack.
    5. Extremely fast canbus system reducing crosswiring to just 30%.
    6. Worlds fastest electric or gasoline truck.
    7. Best in ground clearance.
    8. Stainless steel skin tougher than any vehicle thats currently made on the market.
    9. Doesnt look like any other cookie cutter truck.
    10. I like the slanted sides. Makes it harder to load stuff but also makes it harder to lose stuff that is already inside.
    11. Matrix lighting system.
    12. Most robust bombproof software currently on the market.
    13. Access to a $2 billion Tesla charging infrastructure with ur $80k truck.
    14. Best frontal visibility of any truck.
    15. 48volt architecture.
    16. 800 volt main power architecture switchable to two 400 volt system for slower charging connections.
    17. Fastest charging capabilities.

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