Tesla Cybertruck DEEP DIVE ft. Marques Brownlee and Jason Cammisa

Only three people in the world got to drive the Cybertruck before Tesla’s Texas handover event earlier this week: TG’s Jack Rix, …


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  1. It's a more interesting model Y or an EV Raptor / TRX. It doesn't meet the specs of a f150 as a work truck nor can it be upfitted for trades but that's fine. It won't be for hauling RVs or a boat hundreds of miles a day but again that's fine for many. You either like the look or don't but the specs mean it is plenty capable BUT for Tesla it isn't a world beater in being anything but fast…..till Lucid makes a truck.

  2. I live in Texas, I do construction inspections daily and I swear most contractors or at least 1/3 of them drive over the top, super big, lifted expensive F250s and the like to work out of. Yes there are a lot that drive older trucks and less expensive trucks but I see a stupid amount of well over $60k trucks at construction sites. I see many I'm sure that are close to $100k used to haul dump trailers, pulling skid steers on trailers and all kinds of stuff like that and the truck being used is probably not the the best or proper truck due to it being lifted with oversized tires etc. So to say they wouldn't use a Cyber truck is laughable, I say hide and watch.

  3. I will definitely use this for work. Locking steel cover. 220 power. build in air compressor. stainless steel….. who cares what it looks like.

  4. I don't care about panel gaps with Tesla. What I don't like is the now worse than Apple Tesla is the bestest most innovative company ever stuff. There's innovation and refinement. And you need refinement. Just saying this and that feature is leading the industry and Tesla is light years ahead isn't enough for someone who needs refinement in a product. And cult-like worshiping of Tesla does some harm. Put Tesla in context. They do X well and need improvement in Y and things get more civil. But extremist that both like or dislike the brand/products abound.

  5. I think that some of Jasons videos are absolute masterpieces, his humour and communication skills and knowledge of the car industry and vehicles is unreal, im hoping that he will do a lot more videos on electric cars especially Tesla's 😊

  6. he says it does a lot of the things one buys an f150 for., and just lol. ., its not a van ,or a pick up., the most obvious problem is always ignored by ppl on YT .. the Ridgeline and the Avalanche .. both failures for 1 reason.., not a van , not a pickup ,, not being able to do either isn't bad.. it just cuts the number of people that can buy it in half or more at normal truck prices, let alone the 100ks,, He says only a small % haul with them, but the entire US workforce disagrees, and it isn't a great business model tbh either… A station wagon can do a lot of the things one buys a standard pickup for…stfw.. beds aren't box shaped for no reason ,, that said— who gaf,,, a stupid idea never stopped Ford, GM, Dodge,bmw, merc, or Honda ., why should it stop Elon ..

  7. Making sci-fi a reality Cybertruck deliveries begin today! – More utility than a truck, faster than a sports car 11,000 lbs towing capacity, 2,500 lbs max payload. Est. 340 miles of range. (Dual Motor) 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. (Tri Motor) – Ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton & shatter-resistant Armor Glass Fewer dents, less damage & long-term corrosion. Easy & simple repairs. Armor Glass can resist the impact of a baseball at 70 mph or class IV hail & acoustic glass helps make the cabin insanely quiet. – Steer-by-wire & rear steering Gives you the handling of a sports car & a better turning radius than most sedans. Also, incredible stability & maneuverability for a full-size truck. – 4-corner adaptive air suspension Offers 12” of travel & 17” of clearance. – Plenty of storage 6’x4’ bed that doesn’t need a liner & is big enough for 4’x8’ construction materials. 67 cu ft of lockable storage (additional 54 cu ft available with rear seats folded up), with a Vault cover that’s strong enough to walk on. – Power everything Integrated outlets: 120v cabin power, 120v & 240v bed power. If the grid goes down, Cybertruck can provide up to 11.5 kW of power directly to your home. – Space & comfort like a living room 18.5” touchscreen in the front & 9.4” touchscreen in the back, both with all-new UI. 15 speakers with 2 dedicated subwoofers & distributed amplifiers create a studio quality sound stage—obviously goes to 11.

  8. Thank God for people like Elon and Vivek and Tucker, who aren’t afraid to stand up to those whose “change” is almost exclusively of the destructive kind. And yes, that topic (regarding Elon specifically) was broached at the end of the video.

  9. MKBHD also pisses me off whenever he does interviews, he’s the Tech GOAT but his camera during interviews is always the worst out of the bunch 😤. As his fan I’m offended 😅

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