We asked MKBHD about his 'devastating' reviews

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  1. If he doesn't give an honest review, he loses his audience. So, he should risk his job, for a terrible product? 🤔 I guess common sense ain't common. The company shouldn't make a trash product if they don't want a trash review.

  2. speaking of influence, you two are pretty much The Reason I learn about any big content creator. The amount of times that I get recommended a new large creator and I see their thumbnail and I judge it harshly and just ignore it because it feels too click-baity (literally me two days ago with Marques' video) only to find out that you guys interviewed them and I see them as the person behind the video and start trusting them and wanting to watch their content is crazy. Like I think there's been over 10 now. Crazy to think these huge content creators are still not reaching everyone even when it feels like they already do. Thanks for all the interviews and I really liked this chill zoom version for something time sensitive!

  3. This is so strange…people doesn't understand or over stand on what we previously believe to understand.


    HUMAN…A.I 😂… LET'S SWITCH THE CONVO…and talk about what's about to happen t humanity moving forward towards the "NEW NORMAL".

  4. I honestly don't understand the direction our world is heading to,
    Why people are comfortable with hearing lies than the truth.
    I'd comfortably watch a review that criticize a product than someone praising it. I mean we already expecting a product to be good, but what if its not? I want to see that other side if the story… and a review is one's experience with a product if is bad is bad, I should be able to point it out.

  5. Humane promised the world and gave people a small island in the Caribbean. What it should do vs what it does… there is too large a gap for it to be reviewed positively

  6. Thanks for the backstory and commentary. I saw the review when it came out. The product makes no sense to me. It felt like bunch of well paid engineers were too afraid to speak up during the development. Development was in an echo chamber with powerful dominant personalities in the product development phase.

  7. If something is junk, it’s junk. I want to hear the truth not some sugarcoated BS about how great something is if it’s not great go back to the drawing board and make a great and then people will buy it. I realize the reviews are biased, but also, am I gonna buy something that somebody who basically review things for a living told me is Junk probably not because I’m not a professional reviewer and I’m not gonna risk spending a bunch of money on somethingwhen somebody I think is an expert already has

  8. MKBHD has established himself as a trusted source. When things are good he says it. When it’s bad he calls it out. If he starts obfuscating the truth he will lose his reputation and become less popular with time. His honesty is his best weapon and his best shield as well.

  9. I have been a MKBHD follower for over 10 years. And i am sure a lot of tech-enthusiasts have followed him for long long time. And the reason we do is because Marques speaks the truth. If a product is bad, he needs to say its bad. He is supposed to be unbiased. And of course, even us, the ardent followers of MKBHD have a choice to agree or disagree with him.

    With the Humane AI thing, my only issue might be the fact that the title of the video was a little clickbaity… But hey, he covers all aspects, good and bad in the review. Also, I will go and watch reviews of the same product else where too to form my own opinion.

  10. Companies could just stop releasing shitty products and charging a premium price for them. That would probably solve the problem of companies going bankrupt.

  11. The humane pin is pathetic… The fisker isn't that bad… But you can't recommend a car by a defunct company, also it probably was the worst car he has tried… But he also tried the vinfast..

  12. If it is the worst product he has reviewed then there is no issue. If someone has built trust over the years, I see no problem in this at all. Great interview with MKBHD. Bad product = bad review.

  13. To be fair, you guys have just spent quite a while arriving at the obvious conclusion, that is, Marques is a respected and trusted reviewer who 'should' speak his mind and be truthful about each product he reviews. 
    I think we have all seen many examples of where reviewers have watered down their negative opinion of a product, almost to save a company's "feelings". This is not a helpful approach. If a product is rubbish, far better to discover the fact beforehand, rather than buying it and finding out ourselves. Surely that's a big part of what reviewers are there for.

  14. I don't get sociality today. Just speak a good, but don't lie and be honest, but not if it can hurt or be bad. Review is review, to shown how it is, bad and good think. It's not about anyone, and nothing personal, just honest about product. Critics help us to find what's bad, and give opportunity to improve, if we will speak only good we will drop down with quality a lot. That's "ours" goal ?

  15. I wish you guys got into the increasingly hostile relationship between Silicon Valley and the tech press. I don’t think you can really contextualize Marques’ rise and the backlash to his recent video without that context. Would have been great to hear him talk about those tensions imo! if u end up having him back. Thanks for the great video! 😊

  16. Mkbhd and Arun Miyani both are apple biased people. They propagate incomplete ideas, or even straight up lies too for the sake of phone sales for apple. Both of them, don't like any type of competition for Apple company to even come up.

  17. Honestly, when I saw the title, I wasn't enticed to clicking it because it's the worst product he has ever reviewed. I clicked because I was curious to understand his perspective on the product. Genuinely, I just wanted to know his opinion because I can trust it. I already had an impression on the Humane Ai pin before clicking into the video. He simply helped me validate it.

  18. Its a review not a sponsorship. If the product is bad, then its the reviewer's job to inform the public. And its the public's choice to believe the reviewer. If thr company doesn't want bad reviews, then don't release a bad product.

    $700 base + $24 monthly is expensive for a product that is essentially a phone you can't properly use, limited functionality, horrible battery life, and has no guaranteed future. You can get an amazing android phone under $700 that has google assistant which basically does the same thing.

  19. Without this guy, tech companies would sell shit on and on for unreal price. Now they got slapped, and there is a anxious state between them if they release a product, that it will be badly reviewed and they will not earn as much as they want

  20. Horsesh*t – He wasnt even the first, why should he be singled out for telling the truth – these companies need to be accountable stuff them

  21. stop half ass-ing your products like china for a quick buck. beta test before releasing. in fact, double beta test it, tripple it. just because the coding and engineering seem correct, doesnt mean it is. its like github, just because it works for the developer with a million libraries installed on their computer, doesnt mean it will work with general consumer. test test test, improve.

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