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  1. I'm a mechanical engineering student, currently doing an internship working with electric vehicles, what a lot of people don't think about with electric vehicles is that they could be far more efficient as far as aerodynamics if we're willing to give up that traditional look and shape that we've come to expect. From an engineering standpoint, I think that the shape is pretty good, but from a business and consumer standpoint, it's off putting an ugly. Would you take a vehicle that is willing to give you 450 mi of range but it looks ugly, or would you be willing to take a vehicle that gives you 300 and 20 mi of range, but it looks really nice? That's the question that we need to answer in this field, and where those two viewpoints intersect is where we tend to build cars. Mercedes, you failed on this one

  2. Wow. For the first time in a loooong time I disagree with you. It's absolutely beautiful car. Color's also awesome. Tho, the SUPER ULTRA SCREEN THING is absolutely terrible.

  3. I think infotainment systems STILL aren’t taken as seriously as they should by the manufacturer. I’m sure they put a lot of energy into them, bur I think there are limits and old school mentalities where old heads who run things say it’s good enough, when it hasn’t been properly tested the same way software is tested before becoming a release candidate or general release.

  4. The exterior is not exciting, but there's nothing ugly about this car. Unlike recent BMWs and the Cybertuck that are actually hideous

  5. The shift paddles make perfect sense: when you shift a ICE vehicle down, engine breaking will kick in, slowing the car down. This is what you get with regen as well…

  6. I still think this looks much better than some other competitors. Model Y looks like a giant blob. Mach E looks just plain bad. At least this has some character and colour palettes. The blacked wheels look nice. The side profile is also good. The colour could be better but that is easy to get.

  7. This car would absolutely freeze up and lock you out here in montana in the winter these push out door handles are the dumbest things ever my buddy has a tesla he can't drive here in the winter because he literally can't get into it lol

  8. That’ll age like any desktop windows or Apple pc and dull gray doesn’t help. It’ll $100,000 now, but next year it’ll be $45,000 or $24,000.

  9. The review primary mentions that the graphics on the screens are ugly, not the exterior styling itself, which I have to agree.
    All of Mercedes infotainment screens on all models do look dated and gaudy, and the font type used looks generic and cheap, not befitting of their upscale brand. It should look cleaner, more modern and less colourful and busy. I love the clean modern look of the graphics on my Polestar which that brand really values modern Scandinavian design.
    The exterior styling of this and the EQS is very handsome and inoffensive, but lacks the presence and upscale look. It looks very plain and doesn’t stand out from the tons of SUVs out there, but will definitely age well and have longevity. It’s not polarizing like their EV sedan counterparts which looks too sleek and egg-like.

  10. After watching the video I see that you referred to the GUI when you said ugly. That is totally subjective, I think the graphics actually look much better than the pruned down minimalistic GUIs which are now the trend.

  11. Bruh, the development of putting ugly-ass screens on the entire dashboard in these new cars is not what I would want tbh.
    I don't wanna fumble on a touchscreen while driving to change the AC unit settings.
    Also asking the car to open the glove box for it to not understand you every time is just bad, lol.

  12. why exactly should i listen to a car review of a guy thats normaly only makes reviews about tech? cars now are tech just like a mac or a mobile phone? this guy has no clue about cars at all and all of a sudden we should listen to what he has to say? its more like he wants to get audience from car people but me my friend just watched this and we are car people. total bullshit. this car is not even to compare with anything of tesla. do not listen to people that have no clue about cars. mkbh is NOT a car guy. just because cars not got electric and has software etc. doesnt mean that tech people have all the clues about cars now. watch other reviews and you will see how good this car is. MBHD dont you ever dare to compare a tesla with a mercedez ever again,

  13. I love the look of the software.. every piece of data you need to see is right there.. yeah, the background is not good, but this is nice, functional software! Its a rare sight in this day and age.

  14. All their electric cars are very pricey.And ugly Nice vehicle but the design department needs to be updated And yes, design matters.That's the only way that some people buy things

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