How Much AI Will We WWDC?

There was a lot to get into this week! First, Marques, Andrew, and David discuss Instagram testing unskippable ads before getting …


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  1. Great episode but you guys need a cue when it's a soundboard, or perhaps an audio filter? Without watching the screen it was so confusing to hear all the clips I didn't know what was dialogue and what was soundboard

  2. Clip Marqueses “Oh, that’s just like google with…” and play it throughot whole “wwdc/apple podcast this week)😂😂😂

  3. what if you take all the the things the iphone did first and remove it from pixel and galaxy phones and you wont have a phone. apple ran so everyone else could walk

  4. Instagram ads are crazy scary. Sometimes I am just thinking about something and the ad appears for that on Instagram, freaks me out.

  5. I'm confused because I use the Gemini Assistant but it can control my home products? It uses the assistant skill but it works and I don't have to choose between the teo

  6. I singed off of instagram, a year ago, moved my photography to Vero. The Facebook suite is feral and disgustingly carnivorous. Facebook still had´s my profile, but I haven't been on it for over a year.

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