Romania vs. Ukraine Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024

Romania vs. Ukraine Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024

Check out the top moments from this group-stage match between Romania and Ukraine! #Euro2024 #Romania #Ukraine …


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  1. I get it if Ukraine would lose to France or England or Spain or Portugal and they lose 3-0 but to Romania? What are they doing in this tournament in Germany?

  2. A little decency from the commentator would have been nice. His apparent glee in saying “Ukraine is in deeeeeeep troooouuuubbbllle” made me shudder. Did you stop to think for one second how that is going to come across given the suffering of their people for the past two years?

  3. is there REALLY time for futbol over there?????? nvm I'm just hoping the cilvilians are protected, because no way the euro would make me feel good vs the OBVIOUS

  4. So Ukraine 🇺🇦 with neonazis, demographic genocide and and rejection of peace is allowed to play fifa, uefa and Olympic sports while Russia 🇷🇺 is banned. What a world we live in where all major organizations are properties of the USA. I bet Israel 🇮🇱 would have been here if qualified 😂

  5. I guarantee you Ukraine and Belgians win their next games. It will come down to the last day Ukraine will still give Belgians a run for their money but it will be tough

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