England vs. Switzerland Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024 | Quarterfinals

England vs. Switzerland Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024 | Quarterfinals

Check out the top moments between England and Switzerland in the quarterfinals! #FOXSoccer #Euro2024 #England …


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  1. Soccer lovers be ready. You and I broke God's law & Jesus paid the price. He who hears My (Jesus) word and believes in Him (God) who sent Me has everlastng life. John 5:24 Do you fear death? Jesus died for you, repent and believe!

  2. The only question left is which team England or Netherlands will have the honor of being destroyed by France in the final, France one of the greatest teams ever, unbeaten in 13 years in major tournaments with kante, last 3 out of 4 finals, and soon last 4 out of 5 finals in major tournaments which is unreal

  3. Nah the usmnt are equal to england
    They both suck. Yes england sucks the only reason the epl is good is because of all the players from other countries.

  4. What a horrendous game of football until Switzerland scored in the 75th minute.
    The first shot on target was after 50 minutes from Switzerland.
    England for all their "improvement" did nothing for 75 minutes but then scored 1 goal and had 2 shots on target in extra-time.
    Shaqiri hit the post late in extra-time, but that was it.
    England's penalties were better and they won.
    But good grief, the football has been horrendous and stodgy for 75 minutes.
    England could still win Euro 2024 on penalties – that's the only way they can do so.

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