Samsung Z Flip/Fold 6, Watch Ultra, Buds Pro and Ring Impressions!

Samsung Unpacked 2024 gave us a lot of gadgets. This is a first look at all of them. Get a case hardened skin at …


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  1. @mkbhd Your timing is perfect! I’m watching your video instead of the keynote and I’m getting all the info I need 😅. You are awesome 😎

  2. All i want is a phone without a darn hole punch in my screen.. Theres still nothing out there that beats my Oneplus 7 Pro and it annoys me so much.
    Literally my only options are the Nubia Z60 ultra which i cant get in my country, the Red magic 9 pro which has terrible software support, or the Xperia 1 VI which somehow decided to lag behind with a 1080p display?

  3. The Ultra watch is ugly. Took an Apple Watch Ultra and slapped a round face on it. F**k me it is a blatant cheap copy. And then rip off Garmin’s Body Battery. Damn Samsung don’t have an original bone in the entire company.

  4. Let's be real, most of the AI features are things we already had in one form or another in different tools. Even art generation is something nVidia did YEARS ago. I've been hearing about transcribers and translators being a new thing since like the Pixel 6, possibly earlier. How many times will we accept shortcuts and rebrands as a revolutionary game-changing new feature?

  5. I really can't wait till the "push to AI" phase ends. Day to day, month to month, its a feature set that i rarely ever use. Especially as a "feature" that pushes the price higher. I'd still take a evolution of battery tech to AI tech. I want a week long battery life with 3 min charging speeds, not a better doodle or a story.

  6. I gave up the flip for a S24. I loved the flip, but replacing it once a year for a cracked screen was annoying. Hoping after a few more generations they fix this. That new Ultra 7 though. Might have to pick one up.

  7. Love how samsung is constantly blatantly ripping off apple but i still regularly see android fanboys hate on apple for doing the same thing while completely ignoring androids doing it

  8. More expensive and no real innovation as compared to other foldables. What an utter disappointment, which is saying a lot because I was already not expecting much lol

  9. Yeah this is going to flop so fucking hard. People are already sick of the absolute girth. Thin is not everything, but it's a huge thing when it feels twice as thick as almost all competitors.

  10. I don't understand, why do they force you to feel that the innovation lies in sensing temperature, heart rate etc? I mean, i don't even remember the last time i used any of those useless features. It's like they've run out of innovative ideas so they just WANT YOU to think that this is innovation.

  11. It's interesting to me that Apple was the one lagging behind on AI the whole time, then they go up on stage and say "Apple Intelligence", the whole world points and laughs, and now every other phone company is marketing their AI features the same way.

  12. AI can't create art. It is exclusively a human experience. All AI Art is is a poor interpretation of what it thinks makes the human input better, but really, it just bastardizes it.

  13. Samsung forced users to create and log into a Samsung account for this AI update. Acces to your Samsung phone was essentially locked if you did not do this.
    After giving Samsung your personal details and agreeing to their new AI Tos, you can log out and delete the account but can't utilize any of the AI features without being logged into your Samsung account. I am all for progress, and I am excited about AI, but I don't like being forced into things.

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